For those who are struggling with addiction, we know how you feel. Shaffer Recovery is here for you.

Our Mission

We can provide the caring, structured, and focused addiction treatment you need to overcome this once and for all. Not only do you need care and guidance, you need a recovery program that will bend to your needs and be tailored to your situation. You require a fully customized and comprehensive addiction treatment regimen that will provide the resources and tools you need to heal in a structured template that is foolproof.

What We Believe

The first thing you will do when you come to one of our drug rehab centers is get through the withdrawal symptoms in supervised detox. While your body goes through the process of eliminating the harmful toxins that keep you dependent on your drug of choice, you will go through unpleasant side effects. This is why we need to watch over you carefully to ensure you have every chance at overcoming this debilitating disease. When you have the proper management and supervision at a Shaffer Recovery drug detox clinic, you will begin long-term treatment with a clean slate.

Our Services

The next thing you will go is begin individual therapy with a personal therapist.

Here you will share your story for the first time and work towards healing with professional guidance. This will also be where you get screened for dual diagnosis mental health issues and be treated accordingly. While working with a therapist at our addiction recovery center, you will learn how to share your feelings, thoughts, and fears.
Then you will move on to group therapy. In these meetings you will work with your peers to establish a support network. Everyone will share their stories, listen to others, and work to provide insight, advice, and support for everyone in the group. This is perhaps the most crucial part of recovery, as the empathy you experience will help you through your darkest days. The friends you make may last with you for years, long after you have left our drug rehab clinic and moved on to aftercare.
Finally, as you go to leave one of the Shaffer Recovery drug rehab centers, you will leave with both the support and care of everyone you’ve met and the customized addiction treatment plan that will be comprehensively altered as you go through recovery. You don’t have to do any of this on your own, and you shouldn’t. All you have to do to get started on your new life is call us today and we will begin setting you up with one of our addiction recovery facilities that works best for you.




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